From Patients:

“At somewhere between 70 and 75 years old I’ve finally learned to “feel” energy. Took a helluva long time, but it was worth it, especially since it has allowed me to truly experience what Reiki can do in the body and (strange as it may seem) in the area surrounding the physical body as well.

I am fortunate to have received two Reiki treatments from Lynda Meyers recently. The first one allowed me to relax enough to stop back spasms that I was having at the time. The second one helped in my breathing and COPD issues and – unbelievably – continued vibrating within me for 3 full days.

I have believed in Reiki for years but this is the first time I have become so aware of its power and its wonders. Lynda truly has the skills and knowledge and whatever mysterious “else” is required to practice and teach this wonderful healing art. She is probably the reason I’ve fully opened up to it and crave more of it.”

  • Kenn Gilson

“I was involved in a T-bone car accident into my right side by a Quad cab 4×4 pickup truck over a year ago that injured my cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. I have applied various modalities to try to help facilitate my healing; physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, cupping, e-stim, massage, exercise, stretching, strengthening, etc and adding something else to my treatment plan was essential.

I honestly was curious about Reiki as I didn’t quite know what it entailed but I’m open to trying to heal my body. Lynda employs a comforting professionalism that relaxes you as she explains the process in detail. After my session my muscles felt more relaxed and I was in less pain.

I went to my massage therapist post treatment and didn’t tell my practitioner what I had done. She commented how she could get onto deeper layers of my muscles that have been previously limiting her. “Your muscles are so tight and you have so many compensations that it’s like trying to mix concrete but I don’t have the right tools. Lynda is doing great things for you and this allows me to use my tools at hand to help you more.” She stated enthusiastically.

I have seen Lynda multiple times with the same positive result. I know I have a long way to go in my compensations and healing but having Lynda on my care team is just another piece of the puzzle toward feeling better. I would highly recommend her.”

  • Lavita Davies, Exercise Physiologist

From Level 1 Reiki Students:

“I am taking away a new way to practice meditation and a new tool for caring for myself and ultimately helping others to do the same. Timely in this has been a time of transition and letting go and accepting gifts on my journey. Thank you Lynda, you are a blessing!”

Laura, Registered Dietician ~ Reiki 1 student August 2018

“Lynda was gentle and knowledgeable. It was easier being vulnerable in a group with her gentle spirit.”

Barbara, RN ~ Reiki 1 student August 2018

“This class exceeded my expectations I feel like I have more tools to center myself and help others around me.”

Andréa ~ Reiki 1 student December 2018

“It went by too fast! All the practice sessions were amazing. Everyone in the class had so much good energy! I am so thankful to have been in this class.”

Leslie ~ Reiki 1 student December 2018

“I am excited to implement this into my nursing practice with patients and coworkers as well as my personal life with family and friends. I would like to find a way to have a space at my hospital to practice this method of healing.”

Merrilee, RN ~ Reiki 1 student December 2018

“I’m feeling immense gratitude for you Lynda and for our group today. I really appreciated the material on the slides and how you filled them out with great stories, studies, and demonstration/practice. I can’t wait to join you in Reiki 2 when the time comes!”

Seton, Spiritual Care ~ Reiki 1 student December 2018

“Taking your class confirmed my desire to begin working toward a more holistic nursing practice. I look forward to learning more about Reiki, and incorporating the practice into my interactions with all beings. Thank you!”

Ashley, RN ~ Reiki 1 student December 2018

“I appreciated all the information, the take away materials, and the great resources and sharing of oils. Wonderful to come from an R.N. who is able to provide a realistic balance of East and West.”

Angela, RN ~ Reiki 1 student December 2018

“This was a good introduction to an ancient modality which is still “new” in current medical practice models. I hope Legacy is open to integrating it and promoting provider learning about it for self care and patient healing.”

Dana, RN ~ Reiki 1 student December 2018

“Way more of a fundamental experience than I expected. I really appreciated the “non-denominational” explanation of Reiki. Practical instructions with practical science. This is how I would want to explain Reiki to others.”

Barbara, Horticultural Therapist ~ Reiki 1 student February 2019

“I loved this class and how self care became such a part of it!”

Yvonne, RN ~ Reiki 1 student February 2019

“Very interactive! Detailed, specific, but also open-ended in that practice and exploration are encouraged. This has been a great experience! Wonderfully safe container. Useful, practical and accessible information on a topic that can seem murky. Just the right fit!”

Anneke, Social Worker ~ Reiki 1 student February 2019

“I didn’t have a lot of expectations since I wasn’t too familiar with Reiki, but now I’m completely convinced that this is a real, useful and very powerful practice.”

Hannah, Nursing Student ~ Reiki 1 student February 2019

“I loved this class! I was surprised how much I got out of it. It is nice to know how powerful we can be as healers. I am going to incorporated the practices I learned into my life and my families’ lives. I am excited to use this on patients and see its power in the people around me.”

Michelle, RN ~ Reiki 1 student February 2019

“This class was great. I feel more in tune with the energy in my body and how I can use it to help myself and others.”

Traci, Training Coordinator ~ Reiki 1 student, February 2019

“It reinforced things I’m already doing, but gave me new ways to bring “presence” to patients.”

Niani, Stress Management Coordinator ~ Reiki 1 student, February 2019

“I was honestly surprised at how much I learned about the body and sound waves and just how much our body can feed off of our attitude and feelings. I learned so much about how our bodies work and relate to each other and the vibes we can give off to ourselves and others. Very informative class!”

Emily, Pharmacy ~ Reiki 1 student, February 2019